Running a Successful Video Marketing Campaign with Facebook

Hey there everyone! You’ve just learned how to create an advertising campaign to promote your video on the largest video sharing website on the planet, and now it is time for you to learn how to boost it on social media.

In this lesson we are going to show you how to create a video marketing campaign on Facebook, the most popular social media site on the internet.

Getting Started

Start by visiting the “” URL while logged in to your account. Next, click on the “create ad” button to go to the campaign creation page.

Once there, move over to the “marketing objective” section and select “video views”. Now enter the name of this new campaign into the “campaign name” field.

Next, you have to enter your campaign budget. Here we recommend that you select “daily budget” and to enter an amount from $5 to $25.

If you haven’t created a Facebook ads account, you’ll be prompted to do it before you continue creating the campaign.

For this, click on the “set up ad account” button. On the following page, select your “account country”, your “currency”, and your “time zone”. You can click on “continue” after you complete your selections here.

Creating The Campaign

Ok, now it is time to configure the campaign. Start by entering the name of the ad set for this campaign into the “ad set name” field.

Now move to the “audience” section to set up your target audience. First, click on the “edit” button corresponding to “locations”. To select a location, simply enter the name of a location you want to target with your ads into the “more locations” field, and then click on the name of that location in the results. You can add as many locations as you want!

Next, select the age of your audience. Now select the gender. Now click on the “edit” button corresponding to the “detailed targeting” section. Here you can use a keyword to select an attribute that matches the interests or behavior of your perfect customer. All you have to do is to enter your keyword into the text field and to select an attribute from the results.

Now move over to the “placements” section. Here you can select where to show your ads. If you select “automatic placements”, your ads will show on all possible placements and devices. If you select “edit placements”, you will be able to select the placements where you want to show your ads. For this example, we’ll select “automatic placements”.

In the “optimization and spending controls” section you can edit your “optimization for ad delivery”, the “cost control” if available, and the “schedule”. The default settings are adequate for this type of campaign, so you can simply click on “continue” at this point.

Creating The Video Ad

Now it is time to create the ad for this video marketing campaign. Start by entering the name of this ad into the “ad name” field.

Now move over to the “identity” section and click on the “Facebook page” drop-down menu button to select the page of your business on Facebook.

Now move over to the “media” section and click on the “add video” button to add your marketing video to your ad.

Now move over to the “text and links” section. Enter your ad copy into the “primary text” field. Now check the “add a website URL” option, and enter your landing page URL into the “website URL” field. Additionally, you can also add a “headline” and “description” when you activate this option.

Ok, now click on the “call to action” drop-down menu button to select a call-to-action button for your ad.

Lastly, check your ad in the ad preview window on the right. Click on the “review” button to review your campaign settings, and then click on “confirm” to submit your video marketing campaign for approval. Approval usually takes only 10 to 15 minutes, after which your video ad will start running!

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