Running a Successful Video Marketing Campaign with Twitter

Hey there friends! You’ve just seen it in action, and now you know how easy it is to create a video marketing campaign to advertise your video on a top social media site.

In this lesson, we’re going to up the ante because we are going to show you how to create a video marketing campaign on another top social media network: Twitter.

Twitter is a great place to drive lots of engagement and traffic to your marketing videos, and there’s no better way to get those results immediately than with a paid marketing campaign.

Getting Started

To create a video marketing campaign for Twitter, you have to start by visiting the “” URL while logged in to your Twitter account.

You will land on the campaign creation page, from where you’ll be able to start configuring your new video marketing campaign. Ready? Then let’s do this!

Creating The Campaign

Ok, the first step you have to take here is to select “promoted video views” as your campaign objective.

Next, enter the name of this new campaign into the “campaign name” field. Now specify a funding source for your campaign.

Now enter the amount of money you’ll spend daily to show your ad into the “daily budget” field. Optionally, you can enter the maximum amount that you want to spend during the entire campaign into the “total budget” field. If you don’t enter an amount here, you will set an unlimited budget for the campaign until you stop it.

Ok, now use the calendar function below to select a start date. You can also select an end date, but this is optional. Once you set all the options on this page, click on the “next” button to continue.

Now it is time to enter your “ad group details”. Start by entering the name of the ad group for this campaign into the “ad group” field.

You can also use the calendar functions below to select a start and an end date at the ad group level, but this optional. Also optional is the “total ad group budget”, which allows you to set a total budget per ad group within the campaign.

Next, click on the “bid type” drop-down menu button to select a bid type. If you select “automatic bid”, all bids will be placed automatically on your behalf. If you select “maximum bid”, you will be able to enter a maximum bid amount.

After selecting the bid type, click on the “bid unit” drop-down menu button to select the type of view that you want to bid for. Here we recommend that you select “per video view”. You can click on the “next” button to continue after setting everything up in this section.

Now it is time to set up your audience targeting.  First, move over to the “demographics” section and select the “gender” and “age range”. Next, use the “locations, languages, and technologies” menu to select the locations that you want to target, the language of the audience you want to target, and the technologies or devices that people in your audience use.

Now move over to the “audience features” section. Here you can enter a keyword into the text field on top to find and select events, behaviors, interests, follower look-alikes, movies, and TV shows that match the interests of your perfect customer.

You can activate the options below this field to expand your interest targeting. If you activate “recommendations”, you will get a series of interest keyword recommendations that you can also add to your interest targeting.

If you activate “retarget people who saw or engaged with your past tweets”, you will be able to show your ad to people who have seen or interacted with your content before.

If you activate “expand your audience”, you will be able to show your ad to people who share similar interests to the audience that you are targeting. You can click on the “next” button to move to the next step after setting all this up.

Creating The Ad And Launching The Campaign

Now it is time to set up the ad creative. Start by selecting a video tweet from your profile. You can select more than one video tweet to promote at a time. Now click on the “next” button.

On the following page, simply review your campaign settings, and click on the “launch campaign” button when you are ready to start showing your video ads on Twitter. And that is it!

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