Video Marketing Success Stories

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Chili´s made the decision to make a digital campaign in order to raise awareness for a particular deal.

Objective: The objective of the plan was to capture the attention of users.

Strategy: as a strategy they decided to use a 15-second creative spot. This spot was made in a digital format where one of the foods that were promoted was highlighted.

Results: with this campaign the company ended up generating 7,800 potential customers, a very valuable addition to a campaign that focused on the importance of the brand.


Xfinity Mobile is a new wireless plan that has millions of Wi-Fi access points.

Objective: This wireless plan was designed to help users save money on data.

Strategy: They used a simple strategy by showing potential clients how much their data really cost.

If someone, for example, was about to start watching a 4-minute sports video, he or she would see an ad before the video they were going to watch showing that it would cost $1.31 with their current provider.

Results: The brand interest had a 113% increase, 3 times increase in search, and generated thousands of new customers.


It’s a French brand of luxury items, which is similar to Louis Vuitton and Givenchy brands.

Objective: They wanted to help people decide what to buy because they realized that people were not just looking for inspiration.

Strategy: The first thing they did was take advantage of fashion week in Paris, to associate the brand with the prime YouTube creator Emma Chamberlain and the super model Karlie Kloss to record their experiences exclusively on YouTube.

Results: This video had more than a million views.


The United Travel Company aims to make people be inspired to travel. Those were the words of Kajal Narasimha, Managing Director of personalization and commitment of United.

Objective: United’s desire was to generate conversions with personalized and attractive means.

Strategy: They created a video with a duration of 15 seconds where they showed people in incredible places: crystalline beaches, crowded markets, returning to the step that everyone took to get there. Making the reservation to fly.

Results: The strategy was so successful that in only 30 days, 52% of the conversions which came from YouTube, were click-through conversions generated from the ad.


Adidas is a multinational corporation which designs and manufactures shoes, clothing and accessories.

Objective: The company needed a better strategy to advertise the Nemeziz football shoe, so they used the YouTube video ad sequencing tool.

Strategy: they used what is called the YouTube’s video ad sequencing tool.

Results: Adidas achieved a 33% increase in awareness, a 20% increase in ad recall and a 317% increase in product interest.


Abreva is the brand name of a drug used to treat cold sore infections.

Objective: Abreva knew many people have their first cold sores in adolescence. So, they wanted to set up a special approach for the Z Generation.

Strategy: Abreva made the decision to rely on YouTube. Abreva made 119 different announcements in order to personalize the text based on a diversity of interests.

Results: They saw a 41% increase in the general recall of advertising and a 342% increase in search interest.


Hershey’s is a multinational company and one of the largest chocolate manufacturers in the world.

Objective: Hershey’s wanted to spread the word out about its limited-edition Hot Cocoa Kisses, so the went online to get inspired.

Strategy: The strategy they used was to introduce the most prominent and best YouTube bakers such as Rosanna Pansino, the Icing Artist and Honeysuckle.

Results: The result that Hershey´s obtained was a 32% increase in purchase intention.

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