Advanced Video SEO For Your Video Marketing Efforts

Hey there friends! We’re moving up the video marketing strategy ladder, so let’s make time for a good-old strategy that never fails: search engine optimization.

That’s right: SEO is also a powerful tool for video marketers. But because search engine algorithms are changing all the time, it is important that you stay up to date, and in this lesson we are going to focus on advanced video SEO strategies that work today!

Choose The Right Video Hosting To Achieve SEO Objectives

When you apply SEO on your video marketing campaigns, you pursue two objectives: brand awareness, and traffic and sales. You can achieve each objective on different video hosting platforms. Let’s take a look!

Upload Your Campaigns To Video Sharing Sites To Drive Brand Awareness

Video sharing sites help you drive brand awareness by sending traffic to your branded videos. This means that you have to upload your marketing videos to video sharing sites such as YouTube and Vimeo, where you can optimize them for search.

Upload Your Campaigns To Video Marketing Platforms To Drive Traffic and Sales

Video sharing sites won’t send too much traffic to your websites though, so you have to use dedicated video marketing platforms that host and optimize your videos for driving qualified traffic from search engines.

“Wistia”, for instance, is a video marketing company that offers video hosting services for businesses. When it hosts a video, it automatically inserts SEO metadata into the video, which indexes the video page higher in search results. You can try this service by visiting “”.

Insert Captions

Captions not only give viewers the option to watch your videos without the sound on, they also help index your video because search bots recognize them as copy. In some cases, they’re the equivalent to text in a blog post page!

Inserting captions can be as easy as creating a text file that you can add to your video data. YouTube, for example, allows you to insert captions simply by entering your video details, selecting the “video language”, and then clicking on the “upload subtitles or closed captions” button to upload the captions file from your computer.

Use Attractive Thumbnails

Metrics such as click-through rates, which help you to improve the rankings of your marketing videos, are a huge SEO factor that can be influenced by elements that make people click the play button, like an attractive thumbnail.

Elements that make a great thumbnail include having a smiling face right in the thumbnail, an image that represents the product or service that your are promoting, and large text that drives curiosity, such as a question or a brief comment.

Add Keywords Into Titles and Metadata

This is an SEO no-brainer, but what we actually mean here is that you have to use not only the most common niche keywords you can come up with, which already have too much competition, but terms that people are using to search stuff in their niche, the smart way.

You have to do some keyword research to find exactly what terms your potential customers are using when they want to watch something specific. You can do this by typing one of your target niche keywords into the YouTube search bar and see the suggested results.

Then, compose your titles, descriptions and tags around those search terms. You’ll rank your videos on first try!

Embed Your Videos Into An Optimized Blog Post

A really good way to drive relevant search traffic to your marketing videos is by embedding them into optimized blog posts.

All you have to do is to create a long-form article where you target your keywords and search terms, and to embed your video on top, after the first three to four paragraphs.

For this strategy to work best, make sure to upload the video to YouTube first, and to embed it using the code provided by YouTube. This will rank your video on the first page of results because Google prioritizes video content from YouTube!

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