Advertising Your Videos The Free Way

Hey there friends! You’ve just learned to create and upload compelling marketing videos that are guaranteed to deliver, but that’s just step one. Next, you have to learn how to advertise your videos to get results.

There are two ways to advertise your videos: the free way and the paid way. Promoting your videos for free is a great way to boost the organic reach of your campaigns.

Promoting your videos the paid way is an effective way to generate lots of traffic and to achieve the results you want, faster.

In this lesson, we are going to show you how to apply proven strategies to advertise your videos the free way. Are you ready to get started? Yes? Then let’s do this!

Advertise Your Videos On High-Traffic Forums

Advertising your videos on high-traffic forums and help sites is a top video marketing strategy that works every time. All you have to do is to find the places where your audience goes for help and post your video there.

We recommend two top sites: reddit and Quora. Let’s start on reddit. First, visit reddit’s homepage at Make sure that you are logged in to your account before you continue with the next steps!

What you are going to do now is to look for a subreddit in your niche. First, enter your niche keyword or search term into the “search” bar.

Ok, now take a look at the top results. Pick a subreddit that matches the keyword or search term that you just entered. Now click on the name of the subreddit to check the posts inside.

What you’ll do now is to find posts where users ask a question or discuss a topic that is related to your marketing video. That way you can submit a reply on that post with a link to your video as part of your response. This will help you drive free, relevant traffic to your video!

Let’s now go to Make sure you’re logged in before you continue. Now enter your niche keyword into the “search Quora” field. Now check the results, and click on the “topic” for your keyword.

Once on the results page, click on the “answer” tab. Now find a question that is related to your marketing video, and click on “answer”. Ok, so the secret to getting traffic and engagement from Quora is to provide a helpful and relevant answer to the question in your topic of choice.

Preferably, reply with a short-form answer that is up to 200 words, and upload your video at the end of the answer. Doing this can even help you feature your answer on Quora Digest, which is a Quora Newsletter!

Promote Your Videos On Social Media

Optimizing your videos for social media channels is a sure way to generate lots of buzz for free. This is easy enough, and all you have to do is to upload the video to your social channels, to optimize the description of the video to highlight what’s in it for the social media user watching, and to include high-traffic hashtags to increase your reach.

These optimizations are valid for all social channels, and you can apply them on your most active accounts. For this example, we will optimize the video that we uploaded to our Facebook channel.

What we’ll do first is to locate the video and click on the “edit post” button. Now compose a description that highlights the content of the marketing video and offer in a few words. We recommend that you use any keywords in your description as hashtags by adding a hash symbol to that word.

Now add other high traffic hashtags at the end of the description. Now click on “save” to finish. And that’s it!

Send Your Marketing Video To Email Subscribers

Email is a great channel for marketing videos, and you can easily advertise your own for free by sending it to your email subscribers.

The easiest way to do this is by creating an email campaign on your email marketing tool of choice. For this example, we are going to use MailChimp.

If you’re using MailChimp, go to your account and click on the “create campaign” button. Next, click on the “email” option. Now enter the name of your video marketing campaign into the “campaign name” field, and then click on “begin”.

Now it is time to configure this campaign. First, click on the “add recipient” button, and then click on the “audience” menu button to select the list of subscribers to whom you’ll send the video. Now check the “personalize the “to” field” option, select “first name” on the “merge tag” menu, and click on “save”.

Next, click on the “add subject” button and enter your “subject line” and “preview text” for your email. Make sure to include a keyword that lets the recipient know that they’ll watch a video. Click on “save and close” to continue.

Now click on the “design email” button. On the following page, select a layout or theme that allows you to easily insert your video, like this one we’re picking here. Once in the editor, start by replacing the “logo” placeholder with your own logo. Then, edit the headline and text in the “content” block below to add your own copy.

Now click on “save”, and then drag a “video” block to the editor, and put it right under the “content” block. Now enter the URL of your video on YouTube into the “video URL”. As you can see, the video will load right into the body of the email. Awesome! Now enter a caption for the video in the text field below, click on “save and close”, and then on “continue”.

Comment On Other Niche Channels On YouTube

Now that you are all set, simply click on the “send” button. And that’s it! Now your subscribers can watch your marketing video, right from their inboxes!

Leaving comments on other channels in your niche is a great opportunity to expose your brand to the traffic that those channels are generating. For Free!

To determine the popularity of a channel in your niche, simply see their number of subscribers and watch one of their best videos. Take a look at the comments on each video. If the comments are directly discussing the topic in the video, then that channel is generating relevant interactions and traffic.

When you leave your message, make sure that it is helpful and that it adds to the conversation. Make it conversational, but let viewers know that you are an authority.

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