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What Is Video Marketing All About?

  • Videos on social networks are one of the best tools we can use to reach a large mass of users.
  • Video marketing is a marketing method where audiovisual support is used to publicize and market a service, a brand or a product.
  • According to studies, more than 50% of consumers want to watch brand videos, and prefer this method to watch other content.
  • Apart from all this information, 90% of customers also say that videos help them make decisions when making a purchase.

Using the Flywheel Model in your Video Marketing

  • The Inbound Methodology
  • Attract (Marketing)
  • Convert (Marketing + Sales)
  • Close (Sales)
  • Delight (Service)

Outsourcing Your Video Marketing The Right Way

  • Staff Issues Won’t Affect the Marketing Part
  • You Can Have An Entire Team At Your Disposal
  • More Open Perspective
  • ROI
  • You Get Updated Brains
  • You Will be able to Focus on What Matters Most
  • You can replace Them If Necessary


  • Don’t Be Boring
  • Don’t Be Preoccupied With Perfection
  • Don’t Forget Production Quality
  • Don’t Focus Only On Sales
  • Don’t Forget To Use Analytics
  • Don’t Stop Using All Platforms
  • Don’t Expect Instant Results
  • Don’t Exaggerate Your Sales Pitch
  • Don’t Fill Your Video With Messages
  • Don’t Make Very Long Videos

Popular Video Metrics You Should Track

  • Defining Your Goals and Analyzing Results
  • View Count
  • View Rate
  • Social Sharing and Comments
  • Video Completions
  • Completion Rate
  • Click-Through Rate
  • Conversion Rate
  • Bounce Rate and Time-On-Page

Advanced Video Marketing On Social Media

  • Consider the Best Video Marketing Social Platform
  • Develop Your Video Marketing Strategies Thinking Social
  • Consider These Advanced Social Video Marketing Strategies
  • Set Up a Call to action
  • Try Short Form Video
  • Try Long Form Video

Crazy Facebook Ad Strategies To Apply In 2019

  • Create Specific


  • Make An Unforgettable Introduction
  • Be Fun
  • Use A Catchy Title
  • Use Keywords To Tag Your Video
  • Instruct Your Followers
  • Make Short Videos
  • Use An Expert Voice
  • Study The Use Of Micro Video Applications
  • Ask Your Followers
  • Use Tutorial Videos

Video Marketing Tools And Services To Consider

Video Marketing Success Stories

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