Video Marketing Do’s And Don’ts

Video Marketing Do’s And Don’ts

If you want your users to be totally enthralled with the videos you publish on your networks, then follow these tips to make your video marketing succeed.


Make An Unforgettable Introduction

The way in which you start the video is extremely important and should inspire the viewer. It should be entertaining and informative and encourage the viewer to watch another video.

Be Fun

No one on social networks wants to watch boring videos. Then make sure your videos are entertaining. Remember that many users watch videos for entertainment purposes.

Use A Catchy Title

When creating your video, the title must be very exciting, striking so that it immediately catches the attention of your followers.

Use Keywords To Tag Your Video

Google loves video content and for a marketing campaign to be effective, you need to keep in mind search engine optimization.

So, to ensure the SEO value of your videos, the description should be well written and tagged with notable keywords that will help boost the SEO of the video.

Instruct Your Followers

As the Digital Marketing Institute reports, one of the most powerful ways to make a video effective, is to instruct followers to take action.

Make Short Videos

Usually online followers are looking for instant gratification.

For this reason, marketing videos that are shorter have a tendency to work better than long ones.

Use An Expert Voice

Utilizing the services of an expert voice talent will make your videos more professional than someone with very little experience.

Study The Use Of Micro Video Applications

Video marketing experts should take into account the use of micro video applications, which reduce videos to less than 10 seconds, which makes them ideal for sharing on Instagram and Twitter.

Ask Your Followers

Something that will have a very positive impact on the engagement of your video is asking your followers things they can answer in the comments section of your video.

Use Tutorial Videos

People love to learn how to do stuff, and there is no better way than by showing them how to do it in a tutorial video.

If you want your users to be in love with the videos you post on their networks, do this.


Don’t Be Boring

Do not believe that all corporate videos have to be serious. A touch of good humor can go a long ways to create interest in your video.

Don’t Be Preoccupied With Perfection

Remember that marketing videos are not Hollywood movies and nobody counts on them being perfect.

Don’t Forget Production Quality

It is essential that a marketing video be produced professionally. From lighting to camera work, to high quality voiceovers, it would be a good idea to rely on the experience of a specialized company to ensure that the video is made of the highest quality.

Don’t Focus Only On Sales

There is nothing more annoying than marketing videos that focus only on sales.

So don’t just focus on sales, focus on the value you are providing to your followers with your videos.

Don’t Forget To Use Analytics

As you implement your well-planned video marketing plan, don’t forget to verify your video marketing strategy by studying your analytics.

Don’t Stop Using All Platforms

If you see people using a mobile device, you will surely find them watching a video.

But, it is not true that every video that these people are watching is on the same video hosting platform.

Don’t Expect Instant Results

Getting good results takes time and hard work. This also applies to your video marketing strategy. Don’t expect exceptional results overnight.

Don’t Exaggerate Your Sales Pitch

Do not try to force your customers to make purchases because this will annoy them.

Don’t Fill Your Video With Messages

Do not put all your marketing messages into a single video. Again, viewers find this very annoying.

Don’t Make Very Long Videos Remember that today people don’t have enough time or patience, so if you want your clients to watch your videos, try to make the long ones 5 minutes max.

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