Video Marketing Premium Tools And Services To Consider

Oculu is a platform which is used to publish overlayed, introduced and lightbox videos on any web page, advertising network or mobile device.

Videos are released instantly, delivering perfect videos while collecting important data with helpful reporting tools.

Oculo provides a variety of packages that range from $20 per month for up to one thousand reproductions up to $245 per month for fifty thousand reproductions. It also has custom packages.

Among its clients are: Canon, Bank of America, Rhapsody, Listingbook, AARP, and the Mitt Romney Campaign.

 SnapApp is a platform where interactive content is created, which is used by companies to generate potential customers and revenue on the web, social networks, email and mobile devices.

You can select from several customizable content types which can bring you click rates of over 50% and conversion rates in excess of 80%.

It works with your existing systems and tools to increase and improve your value so that you get the most out of your investment.

MediaPlatform provides the best media transmission and internet transfer technology for universal companies and digital media producers.

The software produces presentations that have a great impact for lead generation and corporate training.

SproutVideo is a nice and very easy to use video hosting solution for small and medium sized companies.

The platform makes the video uploading process very easy to handle, creates custom signature video replays, adds security features and tracks engagement and video analysis.

Some of its features include hosting and video delivery, lead generation, playlist, advanced analysis, SEO video, mobile video, privacy options, domain white list and SSL inlays.

Its headquarters are in New York and its plans start from $25 and up to $4,400 per month.

Kaltura provides an online video platform that offers media companies modern tools for video management, publishing and monetization.

Companies use Kaltura’s video tools to boost internal knowledge sharing, preparation and cooperation, and for more effective marketing.

Kaltura offers its solutions in various packages so that they are very simple to implement in local and cloud-based environments.

Kaltura has the following clients ABC News, Paramount, HBO, Warner Brothers, The Times of India, SAP, Accenture among others.

Vidyard hosts videos and analyzes their effectiveness which makes them a powerful marketing tool.

Vidyard supplies everything you need to manage your video collection and ensures an excellent viewing experience for your visitors.

The simple use of vidyard to host videos removes the barriers to using online video, by incorporating visibility, control and optimization, into an exclusive solution.

Vidyard offers a variety of levels in its pricing.

These are some of their clients, Netsuite, NES Financial, Mitel, Act-On, Lenovo and TravelMedia.

uStudio offers companies a way for hosting, managing, distributing, and measuring the value of any video.

Based on the philosophy of simplicity and efficiency, uStudio automates the technical complexity and moves video from anywhere to anywhere effortlessly.

Prices on this platform start at $500 per month and go up from there.

TwentyThree provides video hosting and video site solutions through a cloud video CMS made exclusively for companies and organizations.

TwentyThree provides an all-in-one video experience solution.

Looplogic provides videos with analytics and lead generation for companies that want to use video strategically.

The technology works automatically with your blog, mass email, marketing and other applications.

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