Creating Backlinks On Quora

Hey there everyone! Quora is a platform made for users and contributors first, but that doesn’t mean you can’t apply effective marketing strategies when you know how to do it right.

Building backlinks is one of those strategies that lots of marketers have a hard time with. Luckily, Quora makes it easy for you to put backlinks that people will see and click through, and we’ll show you how in this lesson!

Putting Backlinks On Your Profile

One of the best placements to insert backlinks that go directly to your site’s homepage is in your profile. Start on the Quora homepage, and click on the profile icon in the top bar menu. Next, click on the tab with your username.

There are two good placements within your profile to insert backlinks into. The first is into your profile credential.

To add it, click on the “edit” button in your profile credential. What you’ll do now is to replace the name of your organization with the web address of your organization’s homepage. While this is not a text link that users can click through, it gives users an easy way to go to your website simply by highlighting the address and right-clicking on it to use the “go to” function.

The second best placement to insert a profile backlink is into your bio. To do it, click on the “edit” button to open the editor. Now type “Website:” at the bottom of the description. Next, click on the “link” icon in the toolbar, and enter your website’s URL into the “URL” field, then click on “add”. Now click on “update”. And it’s done! Two backlinks on your profile.

Adding A Backlink Within An Answer

You can add text links within an answer as backlinks to a content piece on your website. This strategy is similar to interlinking content on your blog, or to citing content from an external site with a text link.

Let’s see how by editing an existing answer. Go to your profile page and click on the “answers” shortcut under the “feeds” menu.

Now locate an answer where you can add a text link to a content piece on your site. Click on the “more” button, and then on “edit answer”.

Now find a word, phrase, or line that you can use as a citation. Highlight this text, and then click on the “link” button in the toolbar. Now enter the URL of the article you are using as the source or citation, and then click on “add”.

Now that you added your citation backlink, click on the “update” button to save your changes. Easy, right?

Sharing A Link In “Spaces”

Lastly, you can share a link with Quora users directly using the “Share Link” feature. This allows you to share a content piece to spark discussion. This is similar to creating a post on social media, and it is a good alternative use of “questions”.

To share a link, you have to start by clicking on the “add a question” button, from anywhere on your Quora account. Next, click on the “share link” tab in this new window. All you have to do is to configure your post.

First, click on the “choose a space” drop-down menu button to select the space where you’ll share the link. You can choose to share the link with “followers” or to one of the spaces that you follow.

Please consider that you choose to share your link with a space, you’ll have to wait for moderators of that space to approve your post after you submit it.

With that in mind, let’s select “followers” to share the link with followers. Next, click on the “say something about this” field to add a comment about the link that you will share. Then enter the URL that you’ll share into the “enter a link” field. Lastly, click on the “share link” button. And that is it friends! Follow these steps and you’ll be able to use Quora as a factory of backlinks!

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