Quora Marketing Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Make Money On Quora?

You can’t make money directly off Quora unless you create an ad made specifically to sell a product or service, but you can use shortcuts to drive sales, such as capturing leads through email opt ins so you can move people through a sales funnel.

What Else Can A Marketer Do On Quora, Besides Increasing Awareness, Building Thought Leadership, And Advertising?

One of the best things about using Quora as a marketer is that it is a great source of content ideas. By checking the content created by top contributors in the categories that you follow, you will be able to see content from their personal point of view, which will allow you to create great content pieces with a more emotional touch, which is great for storytelling in content marketing.

Can You Really Use Quora As Tool For Research?

Marketers who adopted Quora as a marketing tool early have been using Quora to better understand their audiences. This is because Quora allows you to discover what people are asking at any given moment in any niche, and you can see contributors responding to their queries in real time.

This lets you find information about any topic you can imagine right in your Quora feed; most of the time, this is very detailed information that you won’t find anywhere else, and that sometimes isn’t written about until someone asks about it. This is especially true in niches with very narrow audiences.

Can You Use Quora For Blogging?

Quora used to have a blogging feature that allowed users to create their own personalized blogs and posts, but the feature was eliminated so users could focus on engaging through questions and answers.

The closest thing you can get to blogging on Quora are elaborate answers with featured images, signatures, and backlinks.

What’s The Easiest Way to Send Referral Traffic From Quora To Your Product Pages?

The easiest way of sending traffic from Quora to your product pages is by doing brand mentions on your answers and posts. What you will do is to insert your product page URL into the text or line mentioning the brand. This will prompt interested readers to click through and learn about the product you’re promoting.

What’s A Great Way To Use Quora To Build Your Community?

A great way to build a community for your brand on Quora is by asking questions yourself. This will encourage your audience to participate in a conversation initiated by an authority account. Much like on other social media, this will give your account a signal boost that will prompt others to engage with you!

How Can You Engage And Build Relationships With Other Top Contributors In A Relevant Way?

Just like on any other social channel, it is important that you build relationships with other top contributors. One of the best ways to do this is by suggesting edits to top answers. You can do it easily by going to an existing answer and clicking on the “suggest edits” button.

You just have to make sure that your edits add value to the topic. This will help you enhance your authority in front of other top contributors, earning you mentions.

Is There A Benefit About Being A Top Contributor On Quora Besides Appearing On Top Of Search Results Pages?

One of the overlooked benefits of being a top contributor is that it can help you to get publishing partnerships, as major outlets publish top answers from top Quora contributors on their websites. This is a great opportunity to expand your brand to a larger audience.

Can You Reuse Quora Content On Your Websites?

You don’t own any of the content that you post on Quora, so if you’re going to reuse content that you created for Quora on your website, make sure to credit Quora as the source.

A better strategy is to simply take some of your best answers on a single topic, and to rewrite them as long-form list articles.

What Is A Good Posting Frequency On Quora?

A rule of consistency among Quora marketers is a minimum of one or two answers a day, every day. This will not only help you to increase awareness because users will see your contributor profile more often, it will also help you to increase your relevance for the Quora algorithm.

You have to be careful though, to not post simple answers to every possible question in the topics you follow. Always check previous questions on the same topic and see the answers, and see how you can improve those previous answers. You will see that this is a good strategy too, because this narrows down the number of questions you’ll be able to answer on a daily basis.

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