Setting Up A Remarketing Campaign On Quora

Hey there friends! Are you ready to step up your Quora advertising game? Because we’re certainly ready to help you do it!

There is an advanced type of online advertising strategy called remarketing. With remarketing, you can track the people that visit your website back to Quora, where you can show them your ads.

In this lesson, we are going to show you how to easily set up a remarketing campaign on Quora, step by step.

Step 1: Setting Up The Quora Pixel

To create remarketing campaigns on Quora, you will need to set up the Quora tracking pixel and to install it on your website.

Let’s set up the Quora Pixel first. Start on the ads manager dashboard. Next, click on the “pixels and conversions” tab. On the following page, click on the “setup pixel” button. A pop up window will appear, where you have to select an installation method. Select “install manually” and click on “continue”. Now copy the JavaScript pixel code in the pop-up.

Step 2: Installing The Quora Pixel On Your Website

Next you have to install this code on you website. For this example, we are going to install the pixel on a WordPress website. If you’re using WordPress too, head over to your site’s dashboard. Now move over the “appearance” tab, and then click on the “theme editor” option from the menu.

Now move to the “theme files” column, locate “theme header”, and click on it. Now check inside the code and locate the “<head>” tag. Now paste the pixel code below this tag and the “</head>” tag. Go back to Quora.

Once you are back on Quora, click on the “continue” button in the pop-up. On the following page, click on the “standard events” drop-down menu button and select the action that you expect visitors to complete on page load, when a user clicks through your ad to your landing page.

Now copy the “page load events” code, and go back to the code editor on your site. Now paste this code right below “end of Quora pixel”. Then click on the “update file” button.

Now go back to Quora, and click on the “done” button. You might have to wait a few minutes, then reload this page to see when your pixel becomes active. Ah, here it is! The pixel status is active.

Step 3: Setting Up The Remarketing Campaign

That was an awesome job! Now it is time to create your remarketing campaign. Click on the “create campaign” button. Now enter the name of your new remarketing campaign into the “campaign name” field, and make sure that “conversions” is selected as the campaign objective.

Now move to the “select a conversion type” section. Click on the “conversion type” drop-down menu button, and select the same conversion event that you selected when you created the pixel.

Now move to the “budget and schedule” section and select your budget strategy. Now enter your budget amount into the “budget” field, and then choose a schedule strategy. You can click on “continue” after completing all settings on this page.

Now it is time to create the ad set. Start by entering the name of the ad set into the “ad set name” field. Now select your “primary targeting” strategy. Now enter your “target locations”. Next, select your target devices, mobile platforms, and desktop browsers. Now configure “email targeting”, “demographic targeting”, and exclusions.

Now move over to the “set a bid” section and select “optimize for conversion”. Now enter your bid into the “target cost per action” field. You can click on “continue” after completing all your settings on this page.

Now you have to create the ad. Start by selecting your ad format. For this example, we are going to select “promote an answer” so we can show one of our expert answers showcasing our brand to people who came to Quora from one of our content pages.

If you select this option, move to the “creative” section and edit the “business name” first. Next, paste the URL of the answer you want to promote into the “answer URL” field. Wait until that answer loads in the preview, and then click on “continue”.

Lastly, review your ad settings, submit a payment method, and then click on “complete order” to pay for your ad and launch your campaign!

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