Quora Marketing Success Stories

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Bajaj Finserv Limited

Bajaj Finserv Limited is a financial services company from India that specializes in loans, wealth management, and insurance.

Objective: The financial company wanted to increase the online visibility of its products, and to influence potential customers during their research for loan products.

Strategy: The company started to identify questions related to financial products on Quora. Then it created two contributor accounts with backlinks to their profiles, which the company used to answer these questions.

Results: Both accounts generated over 6 million profile views combined, achieved top ranks in their niche category, and increased referral traffic to their product pages on their brand’s website!


“vCalc” is an online calculator, equations and dataset library designed to help people to quickly calculate complex stuff without leaving their browser.

Objective: The site’s creator wanted to promote their web calculator and to let common users as well as potential investors learn about it.

Strategy: The team behind vCalc signed up on Quora and simply started following topics where they knew they could answer with great content. When people entered questions, they gave very direct answers and included a link to the vCalc website.

Results: vCalc is growing at 75% a year ever since joining Quora, and they’re getting over 148,000 visits per month, with over 11 minutes spent by each visitor on each page on average!

Mario Peshev

Mario Peshev is a business advisor and a technical and marketing strategist that offers his services to business owners, managers, executives, and successful enterprises.

Objective: Mario’s objective was to grow his personal brand and to position himself as a top writer in several fields.

Strategy: Mario’s strategy was to give detailed and insightful answers on highly technical fields that include programming, hiring and recruitment practices, management, and marketing, which helps position himself as an authority in multiple topics with a very diverse audience.

Results: Mario was able to join multiple authority outlets such as “Business 2 Community” as a publisher, and to write feature articles on sites such as Forbes. He’s also getting over 1 million answer views in a single year!

Nicolas Cole

Nicolas Coles is a writer for Inc. Magazine. He is the founder of “Digital Press” and a prolific self-development author.

Objective: Nicolas’ objective was to become a full-time writer. He wanted to build and grow his personal brand online, and to raise awareness about him as a skilled writer.

Strategy: He joined Quora with the goal of writing an answer every single day. He wrote answers that were at least 300 words long, and used storytelling and emotions to better engage with the reader.

Results: Nicolas was able to generate 10,000 answer views in just two weeks, after which outlets such as HuffPost, TIME, Forbes, and PopSugar were featuring his answers. He accumulated 1 million answer views just three months after!


WordStream is an online advertising service provider that sells solutions such as digital advertising management software and analytics tools.

Objective: The company’s objective was to test Quora as a source of qualified, high-intent leads that they could move through their top and mid funnel campaigns.

Strategy: The company ran Quora Ads for 30 days to test acquisition campaigns to promote a downloadable content piece as well as a free ad performance grading tool.

Results: WordStream was able to generate 1,135 clicks from 230,604 impressions. From those, they generated 23 downloads and 20 software trials!

Josh Fechter

Josh Fechter is a growth marketer, top Quora contributor, and the co-founder of Squibler, a writing platform.

Objective: Josh wanted to build an additional platform to generate and acquire qualified leads for his personal brand and businesses.

Strategy: Josh studied and reverse-engineered top Quora writers, fast growing Quora profiles, and the highest traffic Quora pages.

Results: Josh was able to add more than 3,000 leads to his email list, and he generated 22,000 Quora followers and more than 8 million content views!


“Respect.Studio” is a digital marketing company that sells lead generation, omnichannel marketing, business-2-business marketing and automation services.

Objective: The company’s objective was to enhance their authority and brand image, but they wanted to focus on building that through personal branding.

Strategy: The company created a contributor profile for their CEO, optimized it, and started identifying and answering questions posted on the platform.

Results: The company was able to push their answers to Quora Digest, which helped them to reach more than 200,000 leads through email. In only three months, they were able to generate almost 23,000 upvotes and 600,000 content views!

R Systems

R Systems is a “high performance computer clusters” technology provider from Austin, Texas.

Objective: The company’s objective was to increase their online visibility, and to also increase brand awareness around the niche products and services that they offer.

Strategy: The company created a contributor profile for one of their system engineers and their CEO, which they used to answer questions related to their niche. They created very in-depth, long-form answers that appeared on top of search page results.

Results: The company was able to generate a combined 2,834 content views and 20 upvotes, all organic, which are great numbers for such a narrow niche!

IVF Spring

IVF Spring is one of the leading fertility centers in the city of Mumbai, India, with one of the highest success rates in the country.

Objective: The company wanted to increase brand awareness and to reach potential customers searching for information about fertility treatments and issues.

Strategy: They joined Quora and started participating by answering questions about the pain points of potential customers.

Results: They were able to increase traffic to their website by 5%, to raise awareness by 23%, and to increase lead contribution by 3%.


Zenefits is a human resources software company that sells employee-centric solutions that focuses on benefits and payroll.

Objective: The company wanted to improve their customer acquisition efforts by breaking through new channels for generating leads.

Strategy: The company opted into the Quora Ads platform and ran ads that targeted users by interests and recent actions. They also targeted lookalike audiences.

Results: The company achieved a 60% lower cost per lead and a 50% lower cost per click with Quora ads!

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